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This CIR-system has specially been designed for horses and ponies and is technically at the highest level today. It has been tested and certified in relation to materials, function and safety by the German TÜV. Electricity is conducted through high quality carbon fibers, which causes through its resistance to produce long wave infrared rays, which deeply penetrate the body (infrared therapy). The CIR-system can be heated up to 60 degree Celsius (F140) through the control unit (thermal therypy), The effect of the heat stimulates the acupuncture points of the meridian system and causes in addition a sauna effect (effect of a sauna visit).

The interaction of material and technology make this product into an innovative system offor precaution and therapy.

Carbon-Infrarot-System Pferde und Ponys

An optimal use is possible for precautions, therapy, competitive sports, for relaxation and skin improvements depending on requirements.

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