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Our Carbon infrared systems have been tested by TÜV Süd with regards to material, technology and safety and received the following seals.

Meaning of the GS seal
The GS seal (tested safety) has become a recognized mark worldwide over the past 30 years. The GS-mark guarantees that the product complies with the technical safety rules of the appliance- and production Safety Laws (GPSG) and the various DIN-norms. For retention of the certificate the GS-Body arranges control checks (e.g. supervision of the production facilities). When making the controls it is checked if the produced item still conforms with the tested prototype or if changes have been made. The annual inspection includes also the checking of the quality assurance and of the final product.

Meaning of the CE-mark
The abbreviation "CE" stands for Communauté Européenne (French: European Union) and stand for Europe wide harmonized regulations. It confirms that corresponding EU-regulations have been adhered to. The CE mark also shows the consumer in Europe clearly, that this product is up to standard with regard to health and safety.

Testing of the PAH contamination (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
Our CIR-system has also undergone a very satisfactory PAH-test. Increased PAH-levels are considered to be a cause for cancer. With the PAH-requirements it should be made certain, that the legal PAH-limits are being adhered to.

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