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Infrared therapy
Far infrared (FIR) has the property of deeply penetrating the body and causing a reaction, which expands blood vessels and thereby encourages blood circulation. FIR stimulates the metabolic processes with intensive warming up and restricts the growth of pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Healthy parts of the body are encouraged for increased activities. The self healing process and the power of resistance grow (the immune system is strengthened). The convalescence of acute, abnormal, chronic and inflamed processes, such as cold, infection, rheumatic affections and diseases of the respiratory passages is accelerated.

Further effects of the infrared therapy:
• Strengthens muscles, sinews, ligaments and joints
• Heals and rehabilitates damaged cells
• Relaxes the whole muscular structure, loosens tensions and
improves through this motility and makes the build-up of muscles easier
• The time for convalescence is reduced
• The degradation and conversion of food is being activated (the liver
is quicker detoxicated, better metabolism, expulsion of waste, toxic substances etc.)
• The stimulating effect on the perspiratory glands and ensures intensive cleaning of
the skin, improves the elasticity of the skin structure and the cutaneous respiration
(shining coat, improved general appearance, increased vitality)
• Supports the healing process with problems of the skin ( fungi, eczema)
• Increased blood circulation improves the supply of the cells . healthy parts of the body
and vital parts are being stimulated for higher activity
• Fertility of female animals can be influenced positive
• The whole musculoskeletal system is strengthening and more powerful
• In better shape and less muscle soreness
• Blockages are being easier loosened, irritations of the joints eased
• Acts anti-inflammatory, soothing, reduces bruises and swellings
• Reduces the build-up of lactic and uric acid
• Reduces the risk of injuries
• Contributes to intensive relaxation and balance

Heat therapy
Heat therapy is one of the oldest natural medical treatment and is being used in many fields (e.g. in form of a hot reel, fango, natural moor, hot air etc.). It is used amongst others with diseases of the supporting and motion apparatus in a chronic stage, with hardening of the muscles, vertebral column syndrome, arthrosis and to have a positive influence with tensions, respectively straining of muscles and connective tissue. Applied heat also provides palliation with chronic inflammations of the joints and is often applied to loosen up following physical provisions.

Further effects of heat therapy:
• Alleviates pain
• Relaxes all muscles
• Increases ability for regeneration of the body
• Boosts the stretchability of the tissues and therefore the flexability
of joints and ligaments
• The metabolism of the body is activated
• The transportation of oxygen, nutrients, anti-bodies and the removal
of waste products of the metabolism is mobilized
• When nervous, heat therapy has a relaxing and calming effect
• Widens blood vessels (increases blood circulation)

With the effect of heat the acupuncture points of the meridian system are stimulated. With this the body`s own blocked energies (Qi) shall be brought back to a fluid state.

Further effects of moxibustion:
• Activates the metabolism and the blood circulation in the tissues
• The power of resistance is strengthened
• The supply of oxygen for the body is improved
• Has a disinfectant effect
• Acts calming

Sauna therapy
The sauna therapy is not only for the health, but also for a better feeling and skin. The body temperature is slightly increased (over heating).With the increase of the temperature the metabolism is accelerated and has the effect of artificial fever. The body reacts with the activation of defense cells.

Further effects of the sauna therapy:
• Strengthens the immune system and reduces the sensitivity to infections
• Exercises heart and circulation
• Relaxes muscles
• Increases general performance
• Relaxes body and soul
• Cleans the skin and instigates the build-up of new cells

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