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In the therapy:
Here the CIR-system can support the healing of abnormal, chronic and inflammatory processes. Increased blood circulation and warming up of the body loosens tensions and the whole musculature. Irritations of the joints and stiffness of the extremities could be reduced. Damaged cells in muscles, sinews and ligaments could be restored to health. The heat deeply penetrates the body, reduces the waves of pain in the nerve roots as well as in the surrounding tissues. Through the improvement of the metabolism harmful substances and toxins are washed out of the body. The CIR-system can be used optionally for physical therapy, osteopahical and chiropractical Interventions, the resumption of training practices after long interruptions, ahead of continued proceedings such as, massage, acupuncture aso. or used for normal therapeutic purposes.

Other therapeutic effects:
• Could increase the supply for the cells and activate these
• Can be anti-inflammatory and reduce bruises and swellings
• Tensions could be loosened
• Irritations of the joints could be eased
• Strengthening of the whole musculoskeletal system
• Blockages could be loosened easier, fibers and tired sinews activated
• Support for the healing process of skin problems (e.g. fungi, eczema)

As a precaution:
The CIR-system can be used optimally for precaution. The Far infrared rays (FIR) can strengthen the immune system and make it more resistant against viruses and infections. They can stimulate healthy parts of the body and organs and encourage increased activity. The whole metabolism can be stimulated. Oxygen level and nerve system are improved and the self healing process and the resistance power of the body can be increased. The heat can be distributed over the whole body which is resulting in better blood circulation.

Further more:
• Can muscles, sinews, ligaments and joints be strengthened
• Can flexibility and performance be improved
• Can the risk of injury be reduced
• Can the supply of the cells be improved through increased blood circulation

With sports:
The CIR-system can be optimal as accompaniment with daily training /walks and to improve performance. Muscles, sinews and ligaments can be strengthened. The accumulation of lactic and uric acid can be reduced and thereby the pressure onto the muscle cells. The risk of injuries can be reduced by usage prior to intensive exercises. The slow warm up exercises and slow pretension, which are also necessary with animals could be taken over by the CIR-system. More flexibility is reached, the buildup of muscles eased and thereby muscle soreness can be reduced.

Further more:
• Can fitness be increased
• Can performance be boosted
• Can muscles which have been too much acidified relaxed and loosened

For relaxation and improvement of the skin:
The CIR-system can have a relaxing and soothing effect on body and soul. It can increase generally the feeling of well being. All the muscles can be relaxed and loosened.

Further more:
• The CIR-system could relax and loosen after long walks, hard training,
dog and cat shows, races or coverings.
• Can exhilarate perspiratory glands and provides the intensive cleansing of the skin
• Can increase the elasticity of the skin structure and improve the perspiration
(shining coat, improved general appearance)
• Can increase vitality

Preventive measures and counter indications:
Up to now no adverse reactions have been discovered.

But the following should be taken notice of:
With deceases, which are influenced negatively by intense heat, high body temperature and increased blood circulation the usage is not recommended.
Furthermore should the CIR-system not be used for animals with acute cardiovascular diseases, haemeophilic animals, effusions or injuries, which originated within the last 48 hours and which are still hot and swollen.

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