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All of the main parts of the animals body can be treated by the effect of the CIR-system with the customised body formed blanket.
The interaction of material and technology facilitates the correct precaution and therapy.

Operating the CIR-system – nothing could be easier.
You can set the temperature of the blanket with the control unit in steps of 5 degree Celsius (41F) from 20 to 40 degree Celsius (68 - 104F). The Carbon infrared blanket can be operated fool proof with this 5 step technology . With the use of an accumulator battery is the blanket wireless and therefore location independent. Should you be travelling a lot the special car charger allows easy charging at any time.
Normally treatments should last for at least 30 minutes. The treatment could also take one hour, has to be repeated several times a day or once a week as the case may be. Each animal is unique and requires its own treatment program. Everybody can work out the optimal therapy or precaution for his animal with a little common sense.

Technical data / blanket for medium size and large dogs:
Operating voltage: 11.1 V
Battery capacity: LBA-123 - 4300 mAh
Charging voltage: 12.4 V
Recharger: 1.0 - 1.2 A
Output power: 50 W maximum

Technical data / blanket for small dogs and cats:
Operating voltage: 7.4 V
Battery capacity: LBP-744B - 4400 mAh / LBP-742B - 2200 mAH
Charging voltage: 8.4 - 8.6 V
Recharger: 1,0 A
Output power: 15 W maximum
Capacity of the output < 98%

Back length of the CIR-blanket for medium size and large dogs – abt. 61 cm
Back length of the CIR-blanket for small dogs and cats – abt. 40 cm

All blankets can be adjusted individually by hook-and-loop fasteners to fit any animal.

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